Among the Napo River to the north and the south Curaray, along rivers Yasuni, Shiripuno, Cononaco and minor tributaries in an area of 678,220 hectares, the Huaorani territory

The Huaorani are native Amerindian people* who lives northwest of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Defended their territory of the settlement and other indigenous cultures, they were pursued by oil companies in the last century.

Called "Auca" by miscegenation (white people) speak "wao Terero" which is a unique language.

There are communities like Taromenane and Tagaeris and living in voluntary isolation, refusing all contact with humanity, always moving continuously in areas untouched.

They live exclusively of what nature provides them, feeding on hunting and fishing, cultivating cassava and banana, are expert hunters, draw up their spears and blowguns, also a neurotoxin called "curare" to use his darts.

Today, they struggle to survive, to oil exploitation, especially by pollution and loss of their territories, and this entails the invasion of settlers.

In the Commonwealth of Bameno in riverbank Cononaco the Huaorani are fully convinced that well-managed tourism will help to solve, in part, the current problems, living in their jungle "ome" as they call it, free of all attack on their culture and territory.


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